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We Raise Our Hearts - Postiljonen

Love love love this song. You can download it here


Lenny Kravitz. 

All you need to know about this vid.

..oh, and the moves of the guy in the video is the shit

Beach House - Lazuli

I just got feedback from my collaborators for my Sundance film and it looks like they enjoyed the pegs (videos and images) that I sent to them and we’re more or less on the same and heading to the right direction!

We’re working on the story now and will probably have the final script done by the end of October then I’ll start doing the character designs and animatics before the year ends.

I’m so excited!! I think this is going to be a HUGE challenge especially because I haven’t done hand drawn animation in AGES and my inspiration for the look and feel for it for is Keaton Henson’s art style, whose drawings are featured in this post. 

I really realllly like ugly-beautiful drawings and dark and weird shit…here’s my vimeo video playlist which has all the films that I’m drawing inspiration from so you’ll have a sense of what I’m aiming for:

That list has 50 videos though but notable videos include:

japanese popstars
good books -  metamorphosis
we cut corners
16bit dinosaurs
some bird
take your medicine

Holi, an amazing video by Variable do check it out!

I believe I can Fly (flight of the frenchies)

I thought skyaking (sky diving + kayaking) was crazy but highlining (vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking) is one of the CRAZIEST activity that I’ve seen so far, and they’ve gone BEYOND it by doing base lining and free flying!!! INSANE!!!!

While I was watching this vid I just felt like I’m gonna have a heart attack whenever I see someone jump off or walk without a harness it’s CRAZY! But I love it. I can only dream of doing something like that. WOW.

I bungee jumped twice in New Zealand and I thought that I would be used to it on the 2nd time but I ended up feeling even more scared before the jump but when you’re plummeting down the experience is just off the charts and it was the same when I skydived (which was surprisingly less scary than bungy jumping—-probably because I had an expert strapped on my back).

I was originally planning to take a 10-day skydiving lesson in Italy with the New Zealand school during the summer to become a licensed soloist but didn’t have enough time to organize everything, but I hope that I can still pull it off and do it next year, so I guess I need to go back to training/working out for that.

ANYWAY. This video is amazing and highlining seems equally amazing and I wish that I can do something like that someday! 

You can download the full video here

"Be prepared to reinvent yourself. Be prepared to go out on a limb. Be prepared to do things you feel strongly about"

- Hillman Curtis

This is the collab I blogged about ages ago, it was supposed to be a birthday thing for Dianna Agron but it took me longer than I would’ve wanted to finish everything!

I’m sorry if the animation isn’t top notch, I didn’t really have a lot of time to truly polish it up, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

You, Me, & Charlie finally posted it today so yay!

Thanks to everyone who were involved in the project!

@gumshoegeek for proposing the collab and for creating the initial concept that kickstarted the whole thing

@prepareaface for helping me to shape the story up and for providing most of the awesome clues in the animation

@roxiewonderland for providing the AMAZING original music that helped bring the animation to life and beyond

And to the wonderful springseason for her guidance and patience whenever I’d bug her for opinions and ideas!

Wow, there are WAAAAY too many awesome channels and groups on Vimeo!

I’m trying to find inspiration and familiarize myself with the newest trends/techniques when it comes to film, since I’m planning to do something for Sundance and I need pegs for the style and approach that I want so I’ll be able to communicate my ideas better visually with the people that I’m going to collaborate with. 

Why can’t a day have more than 24 hours, though? I don’t think I’ll have enough time to watch all the interesting videos and tutorials that I want to watch. Daaaamn.



The brainstorming continues!