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This month has been a CRAZY month, I spent the first week and a half preparing to leave Bali, did lots of last minute stuff there, then once I flew back to Manila it was the same—-scheduling meet ups with different circle of friends one last time, going to the US Embassy, buying all kinds of stuff…I didn’t even get to finish unpacking my bags from Bali up until the time I had to pack for the US on my last day and it was crazy!

I think it was the same when I came home from Japan/Boracay more than 2 months ago…I just stared at my bags for a few days until I had to pack a different bag for Bali…I was only in Manila for 1 week then, and I was only in Manila for 2 weeks before I left for the US last week.


So I’m finally in Pasadena and so far it’s been good, I’ve done a bit of exploring and even went to Santa Monica with a friend. Sucks that I don’t have my own car yet though, but I need to learn how to drive first anyway…I hope I can settle those before the year ends so I can go out and explore more.

I got a bit sad on the day of my flight, because I felt that I could have and should have explored more, and because this is the biggest move that I’ve done in my life.

I’ve worked in Singapore for more than a year but it’s different because Singapore is SO small and in the same timezone and flying home would only take 4 hours, it was so easy to go back, and I already had close friends there.

But moving from Manila to Pasadena is entirely different…first of all, it’s across the Pacific. Secondly, it’s in a completely different timezone, and I don’t have any close friends or family nearby. I do know some people who live in LA but it’s not like I can just go there whenever I want to (hello LA traffic, hello non-existent car at the moment! :p) :(

But I don’t regret my decision to move at all. I’m nervous but at the same time I am really excited because I feel like I can relate more to people here with regards to what art,design, and my hobbies, plus, the chance to enhance my skills and meet like-minded people is even better!

And I really want to hike on those mountains, damn it. I was a city girl and hiking anywhere before would require 2-3 hours of travel (single trip) and that just sucked.

Oh and did I mention that there are skydiving schools in LA? I’m totally going to enroll in one as soon as I can!

I wish I know how to #hotwire so I could’ve stolen this #vespa #tricycle #travel #transportation #bikes #bali #doublesix #beach #instagram  (at Double Six Beach, Bali) High-res

I wish I know how to #hotwire so I could’ve stolen this #vespa #tricycle #travel #transportation #bikes #bali #doublesix #beach #instagram (at Double Six Beach, Bali)