Happy Thanksgiving!

I just had my first Thanksgiving with some friends and it was great, one lesson though: always buy wine in advance, I went everywhere looking for some and almost every place was closed, but I found one in the end so that was a relief!

I was originally planning to volunteer to feed the homeless but it turns out that all of their slots are filled up, which I guess is a good thing, because it’s great that a lot of people are willing to donate their time to help out the less fortunate. 

This year I definitely have a lot to be thankful for…getting the chance to travel to all the places that I’ve been to, having memorable experiences like skydiving and bungy jumping, finally traveling to Japan, staying in Bali, meeting all the great people that I’ve met during my travels, and finally moving to LA to keep doing what I love to do the most.

I hope you’re all having a great Thanksgiving tonight!

Chatting with my best childhood friends at midnight, they’re the best girl friends anyone can ever have. It’s nice to know that even if I’m in the west coast, one is in the east coast, and the other one is on the opposite side of the globe, we still find time to catch up and have hilarious online conversations!

*Sigh* I hope we can all meet up and hang out, it’s been 5 years since I’ve seen the one who lives in NY, and who knows how long it’s gonna be until I see the one who’s still in Manila?!

It’s nice to know that no matter how much time had passed since we last saw each other it always feels like no one left when we finally do get to talk or hang out. I guess there’s a reason why they’ll always be in my life <3

This month has been a CRAZY month, I spent the first week and a half preparing to leave Bali, did lots of last minute stuff there, then once I flew back to Manila it was the same—-scheduling meet ups with different circle of friends one last time, going to the US Embassy, buying all kinds of stuff…I didn’t even get to finish unpacking my bags from Bali up until the time I had to pack for the US on my last day and it was crazy!

I think it was the same when I came home from Japan/Boracay more than 2 months ago…I just stared at my bags for a few days until I had to pack a different bag for Bali…I was only in Manila for 1 week then, and I was only in Manila for 2 weeks before I left for the US last week.


So I’m finally in Pasadena and so far it’s been good, I’ve done a bit of exploring and even went to Santa Monica with a friend. Sucks that I don’t have my own car yet though, but I need to learn how to drive first anyway…I hope I can settle those before the year ends so I can go out and explore more.

I got a bit sad on the day of my flight, because I felt that I could have and should have explored more, and because this is the biggest move that I’ve done in my life.

I’ve worked in Singapore for more than a year but it’s different because Singapore is SO small and in the same timezone and flying home would only take 4 hours, it was so easy to go back, and I already had close friends there.

But moving from Manila to Pasadena is entirely different…first of all, it’s across the Pacific. Secondly, it’s in a completely different timezone, and I don’t have any close friends or family nearby. I do know some people who live in LA but it’s not like I can just go there whenever I want to (hello LA traffic, hello non-existent car at the moment! :p) :(

But I don’t regret my decision to move at all. I’m nervous but at the same time I am really excited because I feel like I can relate more to people here with regards to what art,design, and my hobbies, plus, the chance to enhance my skills and meet like-minded people is even better!

And I really want to hike on those mountains, damn it. I was a city girl and hiking anywhere before would require 2-3 hours of travel (single trip) and that just sucked.

Oh and did I mention that there are skydiving schools in LA? I’m totally going to enroll in one as soon as I can!

Frustration nation

My biggest problem as a designer is that I always get struck by all these good ideas for new projects when I’m in neck deep into something or during ungodly hours (like 1-3am) and by the time I have enough free time to work on them either the momentum is already gone or I’m already distracted by something else. Sigh.

I do keep a file somewhere where I type in all of the ideas that I have, but the list has grown too much, I just hope I’ll have the time to actually work on them before the turn of the century :/

The other day, someone asked me why I don’t draw anymore, and it kind of made me think and made me a little sad because all I could answer was that I don’t have time for it.

I somehow lost the passion that I used to have for it. I tried so hard to get back into drawing outside of my profession again—-I tried with tumblr challenges, sketchbook collabs, collecting themes and ideas that I have on my Evernote, but somehow I can’t fully commit to it anymore and it’s frustrating because I know that if I’m passionate enough for it I will find a way to make time, but I can’t :/

I’ve been drawing since forever…my mom saved my first drawing when I was 3, I still have tons of envelopes and folders with all the drawings and cards that I’ve done for myself and for everyone since I was 3 up to probably high school.

I used to be involved in the local comics industry when I was still in college….my friends and I formed a group in the last 2 years of high school (they succeeded and have their own comics and digital art studio now) then the leading comic company during that time took me in as an apprentice and I eventually became a locally published comic artist

But it wasn’t what I thought it would be and I think that in the end I realized that it’s not what I wanted to do, and on hindsight I think that may be the reason why I lost the passion that I had for it because I got so disillusioned when I finally got what I thought I wanted (to become a comic artist). I probably stopped drawing then.

Sigh. I really really want to get back to it again though…not creating comics, but drawing illustrations and creating some digital paintings.

Last year was the first time that I’ve drawn/digitally painted something that’s not work related and I just feel that everyone improved and left me behind and it sucks.

Ah well. 

I’m still really excited about the animated short that I plan on finishing next year. I hope that will somehow reignite the passion that I’ve been trying to resurrect for a few years now :/

Uh okay just found out that Laura Petracca has a tumblr holy jesus freaking christ I’m not really into boyish girls but crapppp she is the cutest xoxo

I know it’s not even the end of the year yet, but I just have to make a list of the things that I need to at least start working on once 2013 starts (I will probably add more to this as the time goes by but hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish some of them by the end of 2013!!


  • Finally get serious with P90-freaking-X
  • Become stronger and do those yoga handstands
  • Slacklining!
  • Learn how to swim ASAP (2 months in Bali and I still can’t swim wtf)
  • Train and participate in Tough Mudder, hopefully by Fall 2013!
  • Travel all around Europe
  • Stargaze at Isle of Sark
  • Attend the Festival of Colors
  • Join a zombie marathon
  • Attend the 10-day summer skydiving training in Italy with the New Zealand team from Taupo (hopefully next year or 2014!!!)
  • Learn how to base jump
  • Become a jump master (bungy jumping)
  • Technical mountain climbing!
  • Become a licensed diver (but learn how to swim first, of course)
  • Submit an animated short to Sundance and other film festivals
  • Buy a boat!

If I can tackle even half of this by next year I’ll be so proud of myself!

What’s your list?

…Sometimes I wish that I can travel through space and television because I want nothing more than to snatch that god damned yellow umbrella in How I Met Your Mother jesus freaking christ 8 seasons and she’s still being obscured by it arghhhhhh

I just finished designing a simple shirt that we will sell to help raise money for the Wildlife Way Station cause that several friends and I have been working on for the past 2 months.

I’m really excited to see what the output will look like, and I hope they sell well because if they do, then we will probably come up with more designs to help raise more money.

I will probably send out a link to the said shirt when it’s ready for selling, in the mean time, please feel free to donate any spare cash that you have via this link:


…I never should’ve drank that double cappucino that tasted more like it’s a quadruple espresso drink. 1 am, 12 hours of doing wireframes and I am still wide awake! I need to rest and to sleep but I can’t. Argh.

I am in desperate need of a massage and some R&R can this week just jump to Saturday already? 

Oh god it’s been such an epic week I thought it couldn’t get better but it did!!!

My work visa for the US finally got approved after 4 months of waiting!!!! I am SO relieved because I’ve been stressing out about it for a long time and to finally get a heads up that it’s been approved is just so fucking relieving holy crap!

There’s still gonna be a lot of things to do like a final interview for the visa stamping and medical checkups etc but at least the biggest hurdle is over!!!!

Good news = best hangover cure in the world!

See you soon, LA!!!!

Welp. I don’t even know why I care, I never really cared about this particular industry but then I did ugh I guess all I’m trying to say is I hate sellouts and it’s sad when you realize that someone you had a lot of respect for and you think has a lot of potential end up being one.

I’m finally finally sorting through my gazillion photos of my Japan trip…I’ve been at it for 3 hours but I’m not even halfway through!

I miss Japan now :( all the times that we ran around chasing trains and getting lost, eating rice balls from convenience stores because we’re trying to make the most out of our days of exploring (and well we were also trying to save some money), meeting and hanging out with fellow travelers from other hostels, eating good food, waking up at 3am and paying an exorbitant amount of taxi cab fare to witness a tuna auction and eat the freshest best ever tuna in the universe right after, going to the Fuji Rock Festival and sleeping on the pavement outside the train station and racing inside to catch the first train back to Tokyo so we can get back to Osaka and fly out on time…ugh!

I will definitely go back someday!

I just got feedback from my collaborators for my Sundance film and it looks like they enjoyed the pegs (videos and images) that I sent to them and we’re more or less on the same and heading to the right direction!

We’re working on the story now and will probably have the final script done by the end of October then I’ll start doing the character designs and animatics before the year ends.

I’m so excited!! I think this is going to be a HUGE challenge especially because I haven’t done hand drawn animation in AGES and my inspiration for the look and feel for it for is Keaton Henson’s art style, whose drawings are featured in this post. 

I really realllly like ugly-beautiful drawings and dark and weird shit…here’s my vimeo video playlist which has all the films that I’m drawing inspiration from so you’ll have a sense of what I’m aiming for: https://vimeo.com/album/2061349/

That list has 50 videos though but notable videos include:

japanese popstars
good books -  metamorphosis
we cut corners
16bit dinosaurs
some bird
take your medicine