This is the collab I blogged about ages ago, it was supposed to be a birthday thing for Dianna Agron but it took me longer than I would’ve wanted to finish everything!

I’m sorry if the animation isn’t top notch, I didn’t really have a lot of time to truly polish it up, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

You, Me, & Charlie finally posted it today so yay!

Thanks to everyone who were involved in the project!

@gumshoegeek for proposing the collab and for creating the initial concept that kickstarted the whole thing

@prepareaface for helping me to shape the story up and for providing most of the awesome clues in the animation

@roxiewonderland for providing the AMAZING original music that helped bring the animation to life and beyond

And to the wonderful springseason for her guidance and patience whenever I’d bug her for opinions and ideas!

Scalable vector retro typewriter with customizable body color.

Something that I made last year that I’m hoping will be a part of a full retro set (IF I have the time to do it :s)

You can purchase the psd for $4 here!