Aww I wonder if Fuji Rock will release live recordings of performances? Haha oh my god but I thought people weren't allowed to sleep in the station?!

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I hope they will!!! 

Well everyone slept outside of the station, on the pavement, on the floor by the doors, it was crazy! Thank god the floors were clean enough but I still felt like a homeless person (ended up napping a bit on the floor as well)

My camera’s battery died right when I was about to record Radiohead’s last performance for the night :(

They were the closing act so i pretty much missed the best number out of all the bands and performances :/ ah well, there’s always next time :l

Music Fests

I just stumbled upon this massive music festival in Norway that’s happening this summer, it looks fantastic! The lineup is really good, and I’m so jealous of anyone and everyone who lives in Norway right now who’s gonna be there :(

The festival is called Hove Festival, and the lineup includes Lana Del Rey, M83, The XX, Beirut, The Horrors, Real Estate, Summer Camp, Toro Y Moi, and many more.

I know, you’re probably thinking that once I relocate it won’t be hard to catch a lot of those bands/artists in the US but there’s just something electrifying about attending a music festival in another country and being caught up in their energy. It’s different in every place, and that’s what makes it more exciting!

Speaking of music fests in other countries, I’m still going to attend Fuji Rock fest!!!

My friend and I thought that it would be impossible by now since the tickets went on sale last month but it seems that they’re still selling tickets now…we have a pretty tight schedule for Tokyo, but Fuji Rock’s lineup for the last day is just too good to pass up!

It looks like they finally organized their list coz the lasttime I visited the site it was still a bit disorganized.

Bands/artists that I’m most looking forward to, among others: Radiohead, Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Jack White, Toe, At the Drive-in, Explosions in the Sky, The Shins

We’re gonna be dead from exhaustion on our last 2 days in Tokyo but it will be so worth it!

I’m so excited to see how the Japanese are with their music fests, I mean, they go crazy over these things! 

This is our timeline/sched for the last day and it’s pretty crazy:

July 29
3hr trip to Fuji Rock, then enjoy the festival all day

July 30
2am - leave the festival (it ends at 5am but the last shuttle leaves at 2am so…) and hop on the shuttle to the train station
3am - bullet train back to Tokyo (1.5hrs)
5ish am - arrive at the hotel (there will be a couple of train rides after the Tokyo station to get to our place in Asakusa), then sleep
9am-11am - breakfast/leave hotel and leave for Tokyo station
1130ish - hop on the bullet train going to Osaka (2.5hrs)
2pm - take another train from Osaka going to the airport (30mins?)
3ish pm check in, board the plane
5:45 pm fly back home

The flight will be 3.5 hours, then after that we’ll head straight to a hotel then head out again after 9-10 hours for another 1-2 hour flight, but!!!

This last flight will be to an island with white sandy beaches, dive spots, and underground caves.

That seems like a great way to end a 17-day adventure-filled trip to Japan, right?

We’ll be staying there for 5 days before I take the last flight back to my hometown.



YES I AM SO EXCITED!!! I got my Japanese visa approved, so now I can finally work on my complete itinerary and book all the accomodations for July!

AAAAAAAAAAAAH I’m not sure if 17 days is enough time to explore Japan but I’ll forego sleep if I have to! Ahahahahahaha!

I’m also planning to go to Mt. Fuji Rock, an annual 3-day rock music festival in Japan. their lineup looks incredible! I had to change my flight itinerary just to accomodate it but it’s gonna be so worth it, I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience a 3-day concert in JAPAN? Oh god. 

The lineup includes Radiohead, Araab Musik, Jack White, Explosions in the Sky, The Shins, and about 90+ other musicians from Japan and the rest of the world, CRAZY!

I feel bad that I won’t see the sakura blossoms, but there are still some summer festivals that I’ll be in time for so it’s gonna be fantastic nonetheless!

Can it be July now???