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People are awesome

It is so incredibly touching when someone does something for you that you never expected them to. 

I wanted so so much to attend that GLAAD awards in San Francisco but in the end, circumstances prevented me from going and a friend of mine was going with her wife but they only had a ticket for one so I decided to give mine to her wife since I won’t be needing it anymore and I’d rather make someone I know happy than sell it to some random person on the internet.

I didn’t really expect or want her to give me anything in return, but she did something in return anyway that is so incredibly kind and wonderful and I am just so touched that I gotta admit, I still have the biggest smile on my face!!!

So THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, Denise, for getting that autograph with my name on it and for saying whatever it is you said to her about me, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me today and I wish that I can teleport myself across the globe so I can hug you, and I do hope that we get to meet each other someday if I ever end up in the east coast, or if you ever find yourself in the west coast (when I finally relocate and we should definitely meet up, we still have 2 collab projects that we’re supposed to work on!)!



GLAAD Awards is a day away!


I’m going to miss a wonderful opportunity to meet with some pretty amazing people that I’ve gotten to know online because the embassy here sucks and there’s no way I could leave before mid June, so yeah :/

Ended up giving my ticket to a friend’s wife, no regrets on that one, but I do hope that the dress I bought solely for the event will still fit me if I ever get the chance to use it in another occasion *facepalm* 

Ah well, I hope that there’ll be other opportunities for us to just meet up and have fun, especially after I relocate!


Feeling super bummed and incredibly stupid right now. It looks like I overlooked some details and now I can’t go to this event that I’ve been looking forward to for the past few weeks.

And I already bought a freaking ticket! (And a dress which was even more expensive, but whatever!) :( 

It’s the GLAAD event in SF this coming June, it’s a shame, I was excited to hang out with some amazing people that I’ve gotten to know online, but ugh.

I guess my only comfort is that I know the money I spent for the ticket is going to charity, so at least I was able to help. *Sigh* It would be TONS better if I can actually go though. Ah well.

There’s always next year (I hope!)