Young Balinese girls performing a dance A Balinese guy performing his original song. I couldn't understand it but it sounded really nice! Really good Balinese deep fried snacks...I think one is veg-filled tofu and the other is chicken? Coconut, tofu, and banana snacks The place where we had dinner. It's very lovely and had a lot of traditional stuff in it My friend trying to be cheeky by blocking my view. Hahaha Another interior shot. I love the place! (Sorry it's too dark) The best satays I've had so far. Top right is the hot North Sulawesi version, and the one in front is the sweet Balinese version

I tried to learn how to ride a scooter today, and I think I just aged a thousand years after that one lesson :/ I thought it was going to be easy because I see 10 year old kids and super old grandmas do it, but when I rode the damn thing it was SO heavy I have no idea how they do it!

I hope I can just rent bicycles instead…where the hell did Liz Gilbert find a bike to rent?? It’s scooter world out here!

Anyway I ended up not going to the ecstatic dance like I originally planned because we didn’t have enough time, but I’m okay with it since it’s held every fridays and I still have 3 more weeks left to do it :D

I ended up in the middle of this small Balinese gathering in this beautiful 2-story place though, where they hold gatherings where people can perform and share art for art’s sake.

Something that you should know about Bali and art is that it’s so infused with everyday living and they just see it as such that they don’t really even have a Balinese equivalent for the word ‘art’, but it’s what it is.

But since Bali became a big tourist destination creating art as part of everyday living turned into creating art for the sake of tourists so the goal of the gathering was to inspire people and reignite their passion for creating and sharing art for art’s sake.

Everyone was speaking in Balinese though (even the expats!!! :(() so I could barely understand anything but thankfully my friend was there to translate whatever’s happening to me.

They made people write their names so they can put them in a bowl and draw names and whoever gets called should perform or share something at the front (there’s really no stage, as you can see from the pics). I wish we stuck around for that but we didn’t have a lot of time so we left to find a place for dinner.

And then I had the best satay tonight! A hot North Sulawesi type, and a sweet Balinese type, all for 4.2USD!!!

I love satays and I used to eat them a lot when I was living in Singapore and would always bring my friends for satay and beer to this famous area where they close off the whole street for dining every night, but even the best satays there don’t measure up to the ones that I just had tonight, so yeah I’m definitely going back there.

The place was very beautiful inside and out, sadly I wasn’t able to take photos of the outside area but maybe I will next time :)

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